As we’re nearing the 1 year anniversary of Soulsplit’s closing, I’m looking back proud on everything we achieved. We ran for over 6 years with more than 3 million total accounts across 3 games, and the community is what made it worth it every single day. Here are my favorite moments created by the Soulsplit community.

The countless times I died laughing because of fan videos.

Right after we acquired Alotic, the communtiy embraced their community like ours.

Soulsplit 1 Throwback

My favorite ever pking video:

All the in-game parties we threw:

The outpour of the community when we had to shut down:

But as you guys know, every door that closes opens another one. I’m excited for what the future has to bring, and we are finally releasing Get Wrecked in the summer, where everyone will have the chance to reconnect with the community.